Mental Health Specialists

To preserve the health and safety of our clients and employees, our office was temporarily closed. We have re-opened and ready to serve you. We are also looking for staff to join our team. Please send your resume to

The Stress Management Center was established to provide comprehensive mental health services for individuals and families. It is a private mental health center offering comprehensive evaluations, treatment and training for adults, children and families. We are specialists in short-term treatment.

The Center accepts referrals from and provides diagnostic evaluation and consultation support services to, physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, and other mental health professionals. We specialize in behavioral medicine and psychosomatic disorders. In addition to the clinical services of individual, group and family psychotherapy, the Center conducts stress management workshops and seminars as well as provides a series of stress reduction tapes. All services are available on either a fee or contract basis and insurance plans are accepted. To schedule an appointment, contact us at the office nearest you or call 202-659-4121

What Causes Stress?
Stress can be caused by specific events, the general conditions in your life, or your belief system. Some events or situations, like the death of a loved one or a violent crime, are so powerful that anyone who faces them will feel stress. But in many cases, your perceptions, feelings, and attitudes toward the source of stress, and your general physical health, determine how much stress you feel. That’s why everyone reacts differently to stressful situations.

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