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Stress Reduction Tapes and Workbook …Only $29.95 each
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STRESS-ERCIZE How to Relax and Enjoy it More
Physicians have found that nearly 80% of all health complaints and disorders are induced by prolonged stress. Cancer and heart attacks have been linked to prolonged stress. Learning a relaxation response is the best way to counter the stress response. This workshop is designed to teach you how to better cope in today’s hectic space-age environment. You will learn simple and effective methods of reducing your stress. You are given the opportunity to consider life longevity and evaluate the stress in your present lifestyle. Participants receive an individualized stress profile. They also receive a special audiocassette recording, to reinforce the relaxation response that is acquired during participation. Wear comfortable clothing and prepare to relax and have fun.

OVERWEIGHT (Jealousy & Guilt): Permanent Weight Control
Make the commitment to resolve forever, the nagging problem of being overweight. Improve your self-image! The frustration confronting many obese individuals in their quest for a healthy, lean body is that they overlook the key to permanent weight loss. This is reflected by the low success rate of most nutritional clinics, which treat obesity. This frustration has prompted the search for new methods of treatment. This workshop, which is designed to be inspirational as welt as informative, will analyze your specific weight problem and teach you effective, safe, and lasting weight control methods. Results show that 95% of the participants completing the program lost weight. This workshop will be used as a laboratory to freely practice new techniques. We will cover basics and you will leave with the knowledge of what is required for permanent weight control.One of our methods includes our partnership with Diet-to-Go, a very successful and proven weight loss program that provides delicious, freshly prepared meals.  Visit them for a FREE online analysis.
PERMANENT EX-SMOKER: Eliminating Smoking Behavior
This instructional workshop is designed to provide the participants with the understanding and skills necessary for eliminating smoking behavior. The workshop will be used as a laboratory to freely practice self-awareness, self management, and relaxation techniques in order to reduce the urge to smoke. We will discuss individual, specific strengths and weaknesses and suggest techniques designed to terminate smoking behavior. This clinically researched, precisely sequenced program is invaluable for anyone interested in smoking cessation.
SUBSTANCE ABUSE: How to Cope with “Happy Hour”
This workshop is structured to meet the special needs of the substance abuser. It is designed to identify, evaluate, and treat those individuals who are unable to maintain sobriety or overcome their dependency on drugs or alcohol. This clinically researched, precisely sequenced program can facilitate successful rehabilitation for motivated participants. Active involvement in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Alateen or Alanon is encouraged for family members of participants.
PHOBIAS: How to Overcome Your Fears
The goal of this problem-oriented workshop is to change maladaptive habits and behavior. First the problem is precisely determined, through diagnostic work, in order to obtain an understanding of the conditions that created the maladaptive behavior. Then a program is outlined in such a way as to reduce the frequency of the undesirable behavior, generally through retraining or cognitive relearning. This workshop is a fascinating learning experience for those interested in personal growth – learn how to overcome your fears.
The Relaxation & Stress Reduction Workbook and Self Assessment Inventory
The workbook can be used effectively without the assistance of a professional therapist or teacher. Ample additional resources are provided as “Further Reading” at the end of each chapter so that you can seek out additional knowledge if you need it. The Self Assessment Inventory is a perfect tool for determining your level of stress and what level of assistance you may need.

The above tapes are also available in a workshop setting and can also be taken on a private appointment-to-appointment basis. (Hourly Fee: $55 per hour) Partial scholarships are also available. Enrollment is limited to small groups. Before being accepted into a workshop each applicant must undergo a preworkshop interview and evaluation. The fee for this private evaluation and consultation is $35.00. It will be credited toward the total cost should you be accepted for participation in one of the above workshops. Only those individuals who are highly motivated should apply.

Certificates will be awarded to those participants who complete the workshops.


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